After your plants have been ordered, here is the entire process of preparing plants for shipment:

1. Submission of Legal Documents

As soon as possible, all necessary legal documents will be submitted to the Department of Agriculture for processing. These documents are essential to comply with regulations and ensure a smooth shipping process.

2. Gathering and Health Inspection

Our dedicated greenhouse team will gather the ordered plants and conduct a thorough inspection of their health. This inspection includes checking the roots, stems, and leaves to ensure the plants are in optimal condition for shipping.

3. Cleaning and Pest Prevention

The plants will undergo a meticulous cleaning process conducted by our team. They will be carefully washed with water and plant solutions to ensure they remain healthy and free from pests during transportation.

4. Pre-Packaging Plant Photos

To ensure transparency and address any potential concerns, we take photos of each plant before it is packaged for shipping. These photos serve as documentation of the plant’s condition at the time of packaging, allowing us to address any discrepancies that may arise. They help us maintain accuracy and accountability throughout the fulfillment process, ensuring customer satisfaction.

5. Secure Packaging

International trade regulations demand that plants that are exported must be free from soil to prevent the potential transfer of insect pests and diseases. So, the roots of the plants will be wrapped with sphagnum moss and saran wrap to protect them and maintain moisture. The leaves and stems will be gently packaged with paper wrapping, and to safeguard the leaves from harm, polyester fiberfill will be inserted between them.

6. Inspection and Phytosanitary Certificate

Once the packages are ready for shipment, they will be taken to the agricultural quarantine agency for another round of inspection. This inspection ensures compliance with shipping regulations and verifies the health and condition of the plants. Upon passing the inspection, a phytosanitary certificate will be obtained, confirming that the plants meet the necessary requirements for shipping.

7. Your Plants Are Ready to Roam!

After meticulous care and attention to detail throughout the packaging process, our green darlings are now prepared to spread their natural beauty far and wide. They are packed securely, ensuring their safety during transit, and eagerly awaiting their new homes. Get ready to unwrap these vibrant wonders and let nature’s magic flourish in your space!

The entire process, from ordering to shipment preparation, typically takes approximately 5-14 days, depending on the order queue and the specific requirements of each shipment.

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